Metal Detecting For Beginners – What You Need To Know To Get Started

If you have spent time on any beach, then it is likely that you may have seen someone walking around holding a metal detector, with a pair of headphones on. At one time, metal detecting was a fairly geeky type of hobby, but now it is far more common and high tech.

Whether you are interested in metal detecting because you have a natural sense of curiosity, or because you would like to see if you can find some coins, gold, or other treasures, learning a little about metal detecting can help you to purchase the right equipment to get started.

What Is Metal Detecting?

Metal detecting is an extremely inexpensive hobby if you wanted to be. Of course, there will always be those people who need to spend a fortune on the latest technology, but that is just not necessary. It is easy to purchase a starter metal detector for less than $100 and begin looking for treasures immediately.

This is one of the few hobbies that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike, since there are smaller metal detectors designed for children and larger, sturdier, and more technologically advanced metal detectors for adults.

What Should You Expect To Find?

It is interesting to learn that not all metal detectors are going to pick up the same substance is buried beneath the dirt or sand. Some metal detectors are designed to pick up a specific type of metal such as gold, while others will be less sensitive to a particular mineral and will be able to pick up more types of items.

By purchasing a higher end metal detector, you may also be able to find items that are deeper in the ground or even those that are underwater. These are usually not designed for people who are new to metal detecting, but these capabilities should be kept in mind for the future if you plan on looking for treasures.


Where Can You Buy Affordable Metal Detectors?

There are several ways that you can go about getting started with metal detecting, and perhaps most affordable way of doing so is by building your own metal detector. This has been the traditional way that many people have entered this hobby, but it building a metal detector from scratch does not sound like a lot of fun for you, then you can either buy a secondhand one in a local pawn store or purchase one of the many affordable models that are available online.

There are more than a dozen different brands of metal detectors available, and each of these brands makes a variety of models to suit almost every budget. It really is possible to spend less than $100 and still get a high quality metal detector that will enable you to start searching. Over time, you may find that your skills for your interest out grow your existing metal detector, at which time you can then begin looking at more advanced types of technologies, or simply more larger and versatile metal detectors that will suit your needs.

What Other Types Of Accessories Will You Need?

When you are determining just how much money you want to spend, it is worth noting that there are other accessories that you may want to consider. Many people find that specific digging tools for sand, dirt, rocks, or other ground cover can make working with a metal detector a lot easier. After all, it is no fun identifying a piece of metal beneath the ground only to find that you cannot get to it.

Other accessories that you might want to purchase include headphones, extra batteries or a charger, and some type of back to keep all of your equipment in, including the items that you find. Specific accessories for underwater or digging beach metal detecting will also enable you to start searching on the beach for coins, jewelry, and other items.

When you are shopping online, you may also want to look at metal detector books that will provide you with more information about this hobby and the science of how it works. Knowing a little more about geology, metals, minerals, and electronics may be able to help you get even more enjoyment out of the items that you find.

Where Can You Find More Information On This Hobby?

Because of the unique nature of metal detecting, it seems as if almost all the information on this hobby is found online. You may be able to make contact with people all over the world who are new to metal detecting like you are and can provide you with tips, techniques, and stories of their “finds”. In fact, sharing what you have found with other people online is one of the true joys of metal detecting.

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