Is Renting a Metal Detector Possible?

If you have always wanted to own your own metal detector, then before going out and purchasing one, you may want to consider metal detecting rental.

If this sounds odd to you, the truth is that renting metal detectors is very common in certain parts of the country, especially where people may only use the metal detector on vacation, such as at the beach.

By renting a metal detector for a day, a weekend, or longer, you will be able to see for yourself if purchasing a metal detector is actually worthwhile for you, and you may even learn more about the particular brand or model in terms of features that it has to offer.

Can You Rent A Metal Detector?

Renting metal detectors is more common in areas such as the southeast, where there is a lot of beach to be discovered and the weather is warm and pleasant. Renting metal detectors is also extremely popular in areas where gold has been found, such as in the high country of California. In certain parts of the Sierra Nevada, it is possible to rent metal detectors as people go looking for remnants gold that were left behind by the original gold prospectors.

In most cases, you will need to have the same kind of identification and deposit that you would need if you are renting a car or some other big ticket item. Even though metal detectors that are rented out may not be in the best possible shape, they would be fairly expensive to replace. But, assuming that you bring the metal detector back on time and in good condition, it can be a very affordable way to try out this hobby for yourself before buying your own metal detector.


What Kind Of Metal Detectors Are Available Near Me?

In the Sierra Nevada, the most common types of metal detectors that you will find for obviously designed to pick up old, but many of these can also pick up other minerals that will enable you to find jewelry, coins, and other treasures.

If you are looking to rent a metal detector for use on the beach, then you will find that these metal detectors are either waterproof or water resistant, though in most cases you will not have access to full underwater metal detectors.

The average metal detector that is rented out from a home improvement store or a local beach shop would probably be a step above an entry-level metal detector, though not nearly as technologically advanced as some of the more popular hobbyist metal detectors that are now available for serious use.

Should You Go To A Home Improvement Store To Rent A Metal Detector?

Some of the larger home improvement or DIY stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s will rent out a lot of their equipment such as trucks, gardening equipment, building equipment, and specialty items for plumbing, concrete, or transporting heavy items. Many people do not realize that some of these stores also have metal detectors for rent.

Surprisingly enough, the primary reason why a store such as a Home Depot or Lowe’s would have metal detectors for rent is because many homeowners have a need to find some kind of lost or misplaced item in their home or on their property. It is fairly common for people to misplaced very expensive pieces of jewelry, and often times renting a metal detector is the quickest and most affordable way to find the item before this accidentally thrown out.

What Is The Average Cost Of Metal Detecting Rental?

The cost of renting a metal detector is going to depend on where you are located, the length of time that you want to use a comma and the type of metal detector that you need. On average, you should expect to pay anywhere from $20-$50 per day, and maybe it will save money by renting for only a few hours if that is all you need to find your treasure. You will obviously need to put down some kind of security deposit, which you will get back when you return the metal detector unharmed.


Is It Better To Purchase Your Own Metal Detector?

In some cases, it makes sense to purchase a metal detector instead of renting one, especially if you are simply using it as a way to enjoy time at the beach. Many people find that after renting a metal detector on vacation, they immediately want to go home and buy one. You do not need to be on vacation in order to enjoy time with a metal detector, and it is often very surprising to see what you can find on your own property, at the local park, or while you are out for a walk with your dog.