What Is The Best Bounty Hunter Metal Detector?

Using a metal detector can be a fun hobby for all ages. A metal detector is a hand held sensing unit or device equipped with a shaft arm that reaches to the ground’s surface. The end sensor device can be a coil or a dish type device located at the very end of the shaft.

The device detects metal objects of all kinds such as gold, silver, copper, and virtually any metal that lays underground even as deep as a few feet on some models. Most units work with a magnetic frequency that bounces up and down thousands of times a minute to detect metal objects. Some models will even sense or look, for metals through water, although most units cannot detect metals any deeper than eight inches of water.

What Is A Bounty Hunter Metal Detector?

It’s just one of many brands of metal detectors on the market today. Bounty Hunter carries several models and options for their metal detector. A metal detector is used for detecting metal objects underground, under water or in sand. A metal detector can help find precious metals, relics or just keepsake items.

What Do The Bounty Hunter Reviews Say?

After you have done your research on the various models and options of metal detectors, and have arrived at a select group, consider looking at the product reviews online.  The best way to see the reviews is to search for the product online, find your product then look for the reviews near the product’s site.

There you can read the feedback of actual owners for this same model you are looking for, some sites rate the scores with stars or with some point system. This can also help in the determination of a reliable and reputable online seller as well. With doing the right research, the experience of buying and owning any product will be better.

What Kinds Of Accessories Are Available?

Detectors come in many sizes, weights and various settings, the readouts come in both digital and analog which is a simple dial gauge. Arm cuffs, used to reduce fatigue of the arm when using the unit, usually come standard but are available for purchase for older models or in case of breakage.

Most if not all models have sound alerts to signify when something is found. Some models have adjustments for altering the sound for different metals detected. Some models come with head phone jacks and optional headphones for quiet areas or noisy beaches. Other options are sand sifting cups, bags for collecting and a carrying bag for the detector.

Which Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Is Right For You?

When looking for a metal detector, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the multitude of choices and options. To find the best metal detector first you must decide the kind of metals you want to look for and in what location, such as the beach or the desert. The uses may include coin shooting, relic hunter, gold seeker, or just plain treasure hunting.

A hobbyist looking for Civil War coins, buttons or bullets will need a different metal detector than one who wants to find lost jewelry at the beach. Different detectors can be purchased to specialize in tasks for many different purposes. Searching for the right one depends on the intent and hobby of the user.

Where Can You Get The Best Price On A Metal Detector?

Online is always the best place to research or find any product and do a side by side comparison.

When doing the research for a purchase online, take the time to read reviews of the purchasers for that particular model. This will also help with seeking out a reputable online seller site.


Is A Bounty Hunter Right For You?

When looking for a metal detector, research must be the first step in establishing the right detector for the job. The various features, options and model specifications must be decided on before purchasing any metal detector.

The many choices and models of Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors are, The Bounty Hunter IV, Bounty Hunter Gold Digger, Bounty Hunter VLF, Bounty Hunter 2, Bounty Hunter 4, Bounty Hunter quick draw II, Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300, Bounty Hunter BHJS and the Bounty Hunter pioneer 202. Chances are one of these models will be the right choice for the right job.

Every Bounty Hunter detector will have slightly different features. For example screening out aluminum cans and pull tops. The wide gamut of these models varies anywhere from a junior novice model to a highly experienced model. The junior has controls sized for a junior user and more advanced setting for the seasoned user.

Many options, accessories and features are available for metal detectors, determining the one that is right for you will correspond with the level of experience you have with using a metal detector. Whether coin shooting, prospecting, treasure hunting or relic hunting, one can find the right metal detector for the right hobby.


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