What Is The Best Garrett Metal Detector?

The best Garrett metal detector is the one that meets all of your metal detecting needs. Garrett sells many different metal detectors and to make searching their site easier, they have divided up these areas into divisions.

The separate divisions are Hobby, Security and for the military they have Countermine division. Depending the on needs and intent of the metal detector, Garrett sells a wide variety of detectors to meet every needed situation.

What Types Of Garrett Metal Detectors Are Available?

The Garrett AT Pro is equipped with target separation, Garrett ACE 250 comes standard with a padded adjustable arm cuff and padded hand grip. The Garrett ACE 350 comes with a larger search coil for deeper searches. Most have large easy to read LCD screens. Several sites online will have many models and styles to choose from for sale.

Where Can You Get The Best Price On A Metal Detector?

The best price on any metal detector may be online. Going online and doing a search will allow a side by side comparison of features, sizes and prices. A good idea to help focus your search will be to read the reviews that are located with each product.


Which Metal Detector Should I Choose?

Since there are many kinds of metal detectors you will need to know how you will be using it and for what purpose. If you are a business that does walk through screening to detect a fire arm, you will need a security detector. If you are military and you and you are detecting buried explosives, you will need a countermine detector. However if you are a hobbyist looking for coins in an abandon parking lot or if you frequent the beach you will want a hobby metal detector.

The first steps to choosing the kind of metal detector you need will be deciding what you will be looking for. Then you can narrow the search to a specific detector. Each metal detector has a specialty in which metal it can find and how it finds it. If you are looking for a unit that can detect coins and other metal under a few feet of water there are many choices online.

Where Can I Find Parts Or Accessories?

The best place to find parts or accessories is at the same website or store you purchased your metal detecting unit. If the accessories are not sold at the place where you originally bought your detector, you can look online.

Many times when a model is older or the company is no longer in business, it might be difficult to locate the part. Again, online is still the best place to start. Many times the part that you are looking for will be talked about in the reviews on a metal detector’s website. The owner of the same detector could be looking for the same part and might have mentioned where he bought the part online.

Is It Worth Reading The Reviews for a Garrett Metal Detector?

It is always worth the effort to read the reviews on any product. The simple way to find the reviews is to search for the site that sells your intended purchase product. Find the product and next to or near the product should be a review section for rating products.

Click on the link and it will take you to the reviews page. There you will usually see the pros and the cons from individual owners of the same product you are thinking of purchasing. These are usually rated on a star or point system that tells you how many stars or points the product got over all. A word of warning, if the site does not have a reviews section, then it may not be reputable.

How Can I Find The Right Garrett Detector?

The Garrett website has a very extensive selection for every type of metal detector they sell. The best way to find Garrett Metal Detectors or any metal detector company is to search online. Any metal detector can be located and compared through online sites. A neutral website that reviews metal detectors may also have good information.

How Do I Locate Dealers Of The Garrett?

There may be a Garrett Metal distributor near you, however, online is the best place to find and compare metal detectors of any dealer. Websites will give you choices according to what kind of metal detector you need.

Online sites for any metal detector will offers diverse choices for metal finding enthusiasts. One of these detectors will meet the needs of the shopper. Then too if reviews and descriptions have been researched and the decision is still unclear, call their customer service site. From the seeker who wants to find Civil War memorabilia to the enthusiast who searches for coins at the beach or abandoned parking lots, there is a right fit for you. If selectively chosen for a specific need, any metal detector can meet expectations and give the treasure seeker many hours of fun for years to come.

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