What Is The Best Tesoro Metal Detector?

In deciding upon the best metal detector, the kind of metal to be found must be determined. There are many different kinds, shapes, sizes and types of metal detectors on the market today. Treasure seeker, coin shooting, prospecting or relic seeking hobbies all need different types of metal detectors.

The best metal detector is the one that works best for the user and his hobby. This will depend on the object or type of metal and also the depth needed to locate the object. When the metal has been buried for centuries or if it was lost in the sand on the beach a month ago, are other things to consider.

What Does Tesoro Have To Offer?

Like many metal detector companies the Tesoro has metal detectors for sale to suit any need. There are different styles and models, including lightweight, knockdown pole, pinpointing sensor and different frequencies for searching. Some companies make their products and repair pieces overseas and some are made in the USA. Some may come with a lifetime warranty or a 90 day return policy. Tesoro is one company that has a lifetime warranty on most of their detectors.

How Much Can You Spend On Tesoro Metal Detectors?

The average cost of a Tesoro Metal Detector is from $150 to about $600. This range of pricing can show the range of different styles and models. This is yet another reason to begin targeting what is needed or wanted in a metal detector.

The large swing in prices again depends on what kind of detector you are in the market to buy. A beginning treasure hunter will probably need a less expensive detector until experience is gained to know the difference.  If you are a long time treasure hunter and know what your target metal is and have had experience to know what you want and need, the purchase of the more high end detector may be for you.

Parts are also available from authorized dealers online or at a local dealer. This may be another factor in your choice of detectors, if to add on options later exceeds the cost of buying a unit that is a step up, then perhaps investing in an already equipped model may be your decision.


What Do The Tesoro Reviews Say?

The best way to see the reviews of the all the Tesoro models or any metal detector is to search online for metal detector. This will bring up several sites that sell metal detectors, you can then pinpoint the sites such as the Tesoro site to see the many models and styles that Tesoro makes. Then when on their site or any other site, a good thing to always do is check the reviews.

These reviews are some of the pros and cons experienced by actual owners of a particular brand or model. These are always helpful in any purchase and also in determining the validity and reliability of the seller.

Which Models Are Most Popular?

Some of the more popular models are the Tesoro Compadre, Tesoro Cibola, Tesoro Vaquero, Tesoro Lobo, Tesoro Tejon and the Tesoro Cortes. They all come with different options, for instance some have target identification, computer circuitry, and headphone jacks for headphone capabilities.

Where Can You Get The Best Price On Tesoro Metal Detectors?

Tesoro is one of many dealers of metal detectors online. Online is always the best place to start your search for the best price. Then too, while you are online it is much easier to compare models, sizes and styles, than it would be to run from store to store to compare prices and models. Online is also another good spot to read the reviews of owners to see the pros and cons, or how the owner of that model did some troubleshooting. It is also a way to find a reliable and trusted site with a good reputation for service and returned items.

Is This The Best Brand For You?

Ultimately you must be the one who decides if this is the best brand for you. The thing that will aid in your search, for determining which options will be useful to you and what you need, will be found in your research. Also if you are more familiar with the hobby of metal detecting, or have borrowed or rented one, then you might be more familiar with the capabilities and the needs and which option and models will fill you needs.

Then too ask friends that are fellow hobbyists which options they think are useful and which aren’t used at all. Shop around online, compare models and capabilities before you buy. Again, if you are aware of what options you need you will be able to choose the best metal detector for your hobby. Researching and finding the right metal detector, with all the options and accessories you need, will bring you years of enjoyment and treasure hunting.