Should You Buy A Viper Metal Detector?

If you are a metal detector enthusiast and spend your weekends searching for buried treasure, a Viper Metal Detector might be right for you. Looking back to the history of metal detectors, we find that they were originally made for military reconnaissance of old mine fields.

Today metal detectors are used mainly for much less of a hazardous use. They are used now mostly for finding buried treasure, coins, rings and antique memorabilia all of which has been buried beneath the ground at some point. This mainly happens accidentally when rings, watches and money are lost, either on the beach or in a parking lot. Other times it may have been due to a natural disaster like hurricanes or floods. Then too, there are some people who like to search old ghost towns or abandoned lots and houses for hidden treasures.

What Types Of Viper Metal Detectors Are Available?

There are many types of metal detectors, some detectors from Viper are the Viper Trident which is a hybrid model that can search for a relic underwater, in fresh or salt water and it also can search the dry deserts or other terrains. This model is versatile and may be used for many different purposes. Unlike some metal detectors which are made for only one of those purposes or terrains, field testing results have called this model a true all-purpose metal detector.

How Much Do the Vipers Cost To Buy?

Depending on if you buy a packaged set or not, they can run from $900 to $1,000. On a packaged sale saving can be up to 70%.  With an online search you will find Viper Metal Detectors on the Kellyco website as their authorized dealer. It is always a good idea to check warranties and return policies when buying anything online or from a local retailer.

The popular resale sites may also have a good price on metal detectors. Searching online for the Viper online may lead you to find a used unit for sale, possibly with all the extra accessories. Be sure to check the return policy and that what your getting is in good condition, or at least the condition stated in the ad. Yet another search may lead you to a site that sells reconditioned units for a reasonable price. But again make sure to check the warranties and return policies and check the reviews to see how pleased the other customers are that returned any products to the site.


What Do The Viper Reviews Say?

Many sites will have a review section where the producer of the products lists the many features. But the reputable sites will also list the real reviews from actual owners of the product, in this case a Viper Metal Detector.

At these review sites you will read honest reviews, good and bad, about the product. There also may be troubleshooting tips or complaints about shipping or returning a product. Many people who potentially buy the product find the reviews most helpful. This is also another way to find a reputable and reliable company site.

What Can You Learn From A Viper Hybrid Trident Review?

Since the Viper Hybrid Trident is a combination metal detector that works equally well in water and on land, the reviews should be comments from owners from those who have used the model.

These owners will give the hybrid reviews based on what they have experienced with their unit. You also may see troubleshooting stories or how the product only worked well in one of the areas promised. Then too, you may read just how great this product is and how good it performs for say 90% of the reviews. With those ratings a potential buyer may be swayed to purchase the product, just the opposite may happen for bad reviews.

Where Can You Get The Best Price On A Viper Metal Detector?

Online is usually the best place to find the best price, not only on the Viper Metal Detector, but on many other metal detector and product sites. One of the biggest advantage is that you can compare several different units from the comfort of your laptop or computer. Gone are the days that comparing products meant calling many stores or driving all over town to see which model they carry and what price they are asking.

Also, with searching online you can read reviews to see what other owners of the product view its performance. Yet another benefit from reading reviews is whether the company is a reliable site or one that supplies no customer service, slow with delivery or returns that are not accepted.

Wherever you choose to purchase your metal detector, by doing your research on the product and understanding not only how it performs but how you will use it, will help you have an enjoyable purchase and use of the metal detector for many years to come.