What Is The Best White’s Metal Detector?

The best metal detector is the one that is right for you and your hobby. Before you decide which metal detector to buy, you will need to decide what kind of metal hunting you will be doing.

There are several different types of metal detectors to choose from. There are metal detectors that search for just gold, gold nuggets, gold coins and gold jewelry.  If you would be interested in searching an old ghost town looking for lost items, you may want a relic kind of detector. If you think combing the beach with a metal detector sounds like more fun, then a water resistant unit that can detect objects in water up to two or three feet deep, may prove to be a good investment.

Which Metal Detectors Are Popular?

Some of the more popular metal detectors are combo units that search in water, sand, ground and basically all other terrains. These of course come with a hefty price tag, but if you are an avid treasure seeker, this may be just what you have been saving up for. Other popular detectors are used for Geo Caching, relic searching and other places for buried treasure. Also, if you are new to metal detecting a beginner’s unit may be a good first buy. They are less expensive than the more deluxe models.

What Dealers Carry White’s Metal Detectors?

White’s metal detectors has their own online presence, but you may be able to find White’s metal detectors at other websites that carry several brands for sale such as Kellyco’s or Amazon’s websites. Going to White’s website you will find that they carry many different kinds of detectors including White’s MXT All Pro, White’s M6, White’s Coinmaster and White’s XLT.

From this selection of just a few of their models, one can see that it is a good idea to know what direction your hobby will take you, and to determine what model and style will fit your needs and your budget before buying. If you determine the kinds of units needed ahead of time you will greatly improve your shopping experience. White’s also carries parts for sale, as well as used and refurbished units.

What Is The Price Range Of White Metal Detectors?

The price range for a White’s Metal Detectors can run anywhere from $200 up to $1,000 or more depending on accessories and your needs. The lower end cost units are usually beginner type units or for children. The higher priced units are more for the seasoned and experienced treasure hunter. Again the price for your metal detector, will depend greatly on what metal you will search for in your travels.


Where Can You Get The Best Price For A White’s Metal Detector?

Online is where you can usually get the best deals on many things and a metal detector is no different. Online is where you can compare metal detectors side-by-side with other metal detectors, comparing sizes, brands, features and available accessories. Then too you can compare company policies for returns and shipping, and also to compare warranties.

What Can The Reviews On White’s Metal Detectors Tell Me?

Reviews are always very helpful in any purchase, they show what the actual buyers have to say and their experiences with the same product, possibly even some troubleshooting advice.

If the reviews are favorable it may sway you to one model more than the other that received a less favorable rating of stars or points. You can many times also see the overall rating for a product, all the pros and cons averaged together. Another good research point is to find if the site is a reliable one or if their customer service is lacking, whether in products or in returns. These points may also be mentioned in the reviews.

Why Should I Buy A White’s Metal Detector?

Any product is only as good as the need of the customer. Knowing your specific metals and directed locations will be half of the decision making. White’s Metal Detector’s website has many models and styles to choose from. One of many things to check on a website is the warranty offered on the product, the return policy and the shipping charges if any.

Check if there is a charge for you to return the item, paying the shipping both ways or you will you be able to print out a postage paid label and put on it the shipping box and have it picked up right at your doorstep. And too, you may have only so many days before you cannot return the item, these questions may not cross your mind until you receive a less than adequate product and a less than enjoyable experience.

Always research online, before you buy it can help assure that you will have a good shopping experience. If you know what you need and the type of detector before buying one, you will be much more satisfied than buying one without knowing the thing to look for first.

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